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Launching Haloed: why videos improve virtual professional networking?

Professional networking and recruiting are changing. During Covid-19 restrictions, there have been limited possibilities to meet people face-to-face and especially build new relationships with other professionals, colleagues or clients. Thus, you may have been attending a webinar or another. Moreover, if you happened to switch a job within the past few years, the virtual video interviews might seem the standard to you by now.

One key element that makes it possible to form a decent picture of the other person remotely is the video technology. Even though we are very eagerly welcoming the resuming face-to-face business get-togethers and networking events, the remote culture is here to stay, and we want to keep meeting, learning and interacting with others also online. So why not to make the virtual professional networking and recruiting more relevant for individuals as well as employers by showing personality from the start with videos?

We are proud to announce that Haloed has launched for iPhone in Singapore! Haloed is a free short-video-based professional networking and job search platform for young professionals.

Besides of videos, in Haloed platform, advanced technologies and AI algorithms play an important role in recommending relevant content for the users and helping professionals to connect with each other and find job opportunities. In Haloed, your current professional circles are not limiting you finding other interesting people to connect with that you may share similar thoughts, values and ideas with.

Whom Haloed is for?

Haloed is meant for young professionals who are looking for jobs, internships and networking opportunities and, where professionals, fresh graduates and students can create and share their career story with videos, engage with companies and other professionals via private messaging and apply for jobs with videos.

For companies and their representatives Haloed offers a free platform to attract the young professionals, fresh grads and students, promote their company, post jobs and quickly assess and connect with potential candidates with automated video interviews.

What makes video-based professional networking and job search so much better?

A simple question. Would you rather meet fellow professionals in person than connecting with them based on a nice title, profile picture and a chunk of text? What the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, videos make the virtual networking much more meaningful as you are able to get more accurate sense of the personality and who the person really is.

The length of video matters. Time spent per user in TikTok is already greater compared to YouTube. Thus, short videos are the future and can engage users effectively as the popularity of TikTok has shown us. Also, according to a report by Vidyard, average engagement is the most optimal for up to 1-minute-long videos and decreases as the video length increases. This indicates that users want to get the content fast and efficiently.

What comes to job search, recruiters are not different. They want to get an accurate picture of the job seekers, their personality, skills and experience as fast as possible. Traditional CVs won’t tell anything about the person and by only screening CVs some potential candidates might be overlooked because of lack of relevant work experience, what happens especially with fresh graduates and career switchers. Haloed video interviews enable getting more relevant candidates and less “spam applications”, and reviewing candidates’ personality for company culture fit already in the pre-screening phase, saving the time of recruiter and job seeker.

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What makes Haloed a good platform also for camera-shy persons?

Even though spending hours per day in Zoom video meetings, some of us are still not comfortable in front of the camera. But hey, no worries, practice helps you to succeed. What is good with recorded videos, you can always retake and perfect those, which gives you confidence to tell about yourself in a professional manner next time when you are meeting people in real life. Also, Haloed has a teleprompter feature to prewrite your speech and read it directly from the screen while recording. Automated video interviews also give you an advantage to represent the best sides of yourself and concisely sum up your answers helping you to prepare for the next round interviews.

So before we all can meet in the Metaverse with our avatars, let’s take the next step towards more interactive and relevant virtual professional networking with videos. What are your thoughts about the future of professional networking?

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