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  • 6 most significant tech trends in 2023 you should not miss out! 
    As we are in the begging of a new year, it’s always exciting to look ahead and see what new technology trends are on the horizon. 2023 is shaping up to be an especially exciting year for the tech industry, with several cutting-edge developments that have the potential to change the way we live and … Read more
  • Launching Haloed: why videos improve virtual professional networking?
    Professional networking and recruiting are changing. During Covid-19 restrictions, there have been limited possibilities to meet people face-to-face and especially build new relationships with other professionals, colleagues or clients. Thus, you may have been attending a webinar or another. Moreover, if you happened to switch a job within the past few years, the virtual video … Read more
  • 7 Tech Trends to Expect in 2022
    Happy New Year! We hope 2022 has been good for you so far. As each year passes by, we get to experience the evolution of technology. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a force affecting our daily lives tremendously for the past couple of years. This year again the impact of the pandemic can be seen … Read more
  • 10 Soft Skills You Need to Succeed in the Tech Industry
    With advances in technology, the tech industry has seen much growth over the years. This includes the rise of many tech companies, whether it be in payments, real estate, ride-hailing or e-commerce. If you are looking for a career in tech, you might be wondering just how you can break into this industry. As a … Read more
  • Why the future of AR and MR glasses may not be as bright as we think
    Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) glasses have become more prominent over the years, but just how mainstream have they become, really? In this blog post, we explore more about these technologies – where they are now, their applications, challenges to adoption and the future of these glasses. A brief history of AR glasses … Read more
  • Sharing your personal data with companies? Here’s what you should know – including your rights as a user
    In view of Privacy Awareness Week, we are featuring the following article on data privacy, what users should know and how we endeavour to protect our users’ sensitive information. Find out more about Privacy Awareness Week here. The topic of data privacy has consistently come under the spotlight after many high-profile data breaches in recent … Read more
  • 5 Unexpected Applications of AI technology
    It may still be COVID-19 now, but tech developments are showing no signs of stopping. Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, has seen some rather interesting applications besides those recently being used to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. In this blog post, we round up 5 of the most interesting applications of AI that are sure to … Read more
  • 5 tech trends that you need to know in 2021 (Q2-Q4)
    It has been 3 months since we entered 2021 and COVID-19 shows no signs of subsiding anytime soon. Based on the first quarter alone, many sectors still have yet to recover, with the travel industry remaining the hardest hit. However, there is a silver lining. While COVID-19 has upended many industries, it has also accelerated … Read more
  • 6 reasons why videos are the future of business networking and how you can prepare for it
    Many of us have probably experienced this before: you are searching for a job, sending out resumes and applying for countless positions with no replies from companies or recruiters. Finally, you do get a reply — but just as you are about to celebrate, you see the request to complete a video assessment. You start to … Read more
  • 5 hacks to increase your job profile visibility during COVID-19
    Are you a fresh grad, mid-career professional or freelancer looking to build your career and for networking opportunities? If you are, then read on — we have several career hacks lined up specially to help you during COVID-19! By now, most of us would have had to make some form of adjustments to our daily … Read more
  • 5 Tech Trends in 2019 That Will Change The Way We Live
    As 2018 ends, the Internet has become swarmed with articles about technology trends for 2019. But how do these trends impact us as consumers? We’ve narrowed down the top 5 trends in our opinion. 1. Empathic Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a burning hot topic that just keeps getting hotter every passing day. Analysts … Read more
  • At the heart of Truffle Technologies: Shaping our company culture
    This time, we decided to approach a topic close to our heart. Truffle Technologies is still in its early stages of existence, so we can hardly claim to have an established company culture of any sort. Nevertheless, this also means that we have a good opportunity to shape something uniquely ours. Despite not having cemented … Read more
  • Thinking about the future of augmented reality…
    Augmented reality (including mixed/hybrid reality which we bundle under AR in this post) is without a doubt one of the most interesting technologies out there at the moment. Sure there is a lot of (un-necessary) hype around AR, and yes there are still many limitations in the technology that pose obstacles to a broader adoption. … Read more