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At the heart of Truffle Technologies: Shaping our company culture

This time, we decided to approach a topic close to our heart. Truffle Technologies is still in its early stages of existence, so we can hardly claim to have an established company culture of any sort. Nevertheless, this also means that we have a good opportunity to shape something uniquely ours.

Despite not having cemented ways of working and a fixed perspective to looking at the surrounding world, there are, however, several values we hold dear. These values guide our decision-making and essentially reflect how we think and act as members of our work environment. As we scale up as a community of individuals who share these values, our organization culture will have a strong basis to grow.

1. Diversity in Thinking

We see having people from different backgrounds as crucial to our growth journey. Having a combination of visionaries, strategists, doers and builders enables us to look at things from multiple angles at the same time; whether those are new product ideas, customers’ needs or business challenges. In our team, we are looking for people with opinions of their own and with the ability to constructively challenge others.

2. Entrepreneurial Mindset

We strive for creating a team of individuals who are driven by results, and who value the outcomes more than the process of getting there. Having a strong sense of commitment and ownership over ones work is what we believe to be vital for success. We are not interested in ”putting in hours” mentality at all – members of our community are free to set their own pace and place when it comes to working.

3. Relentless Experimentation 

One of the exciting parts about being in a start-up like ours is the dynamism of our work environment. It’s the mindset about knowing that what we do today, might not be what we will be doing tomorrow. That’s the beauty of it all – every day is different and full of new challenges, and you’re not just going through your routine. If something isn’t working, you can bet that we’ll make sure to take any necessary action to improve without second thoughts.

We are people who love exploring and routine just doesn’t sit well with us. While convention can be a safer route most of the time, we think that taking the road less travelled just makes things a lot more interesting. As our team grows, we aim to be working simultaneously on multiple projects, with each team focusing on different concepts.

4. Culture of Playfulness

With all the hard work comes a little bit of play. Now, this isn’t your cue to think that we don’t take our work seriously. Playfulness to us isn’t so much about being so hyped up that we’re too lax or unfocused.

There are two ways we see playfulness here:

  1. Our culture. When we say playfulness in the team, we’re talking about keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and keeping ourselves in high spirits at work, we believe that this breeds the perfect environment for innovation and creativity – being comfortable paves the way for better productivity.
  2. Our products. No product of ours is considered completed without a touch of playfulness. We are always open to crazy and whimsical ideas that can make a product more exciting. There should always be an element of playfulness – something that’s makes it fun for everyone to use! While Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the standard, we prefer to go for a Minimum Playful Product (MPP).

5. Open and Honest Communication

We think that being genuine is one of the key traits all our team members should have. This means being a good listener and having a genuine interest in others – such that everyone in the our team is happy to be working and willing to engage in open and honest communication. It means meaning what you say and saying what you mean. When problems arise, everyone should be able to approach the situation with open mind and willingness to resolve. When it comes to team work, things are discussed openly – politicians are banned!

What do you think of our values? Is there anything you love about working in your company? We’d love to hear what you think! Leave your comments on Medium.

Truffle Technologies is continuously looking for fresh talent and visionaries; extraordinary people who want to be part of our mission and are ready to catapult us to the next level. Find out more about our job openings here:


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